The objectives of the association created in 2017 are inscribed in its statutes. It underlines the will to preserve a value the local history and culture in all formes and to rite the history of the castle and the family Warren in Normandy and in England.

We envisage transforming the existing old presbytere built in the lower bailey into a small local museum.

Other priorities : the signaling of the castle from the church and the installation of a large panel at the entrance of the castle in French and English the installation summarizing the history of the castle and that of the Warren family. The castles inclusion in tourist guides and significance made known to the local tourists offices can only be beneficial to the castle’s existence.


Lionel Gaudefroy, president of the Association and vice-president of the Historical Society of Pays de Bray (S.H.P.B.) has produced (below) an explanatory panel generally explaining the site, visits, exhibitions and lectures. It provides a resume of the history of William de Warenne both in Normandy and in England.

A model providing a hypothetical view of Bellencombre Castle was created in 2019 and is, on display on heritage days. Various groups from historical and archeological associations have already come yo visit the castle. Professor Jacques Le Maho, a French specialist of Anglo-Norman castles has visited it on five occasions – indicating the degree of academic interest the castle has generated. English historians have been informed of our endeavours and are expected to visit in the coming years.

They are all the more interested because Bellencombre Castle could be the prototype of Castle Acre in Norfolk in England just as the Mortimer keep is the prototype of Conisbrough in Yorkshire and Peel Hill.

Brexit or no Brexit – links will always exists between Normandy and England !

A.S.C.B. panels displayed during visits to Bellencombre Castle
Vue panoramique du château de Bellencombre derrière l’église